Teacher Workshops

Workshops are 90 minutes in length and a great way to facilitate team building and encourage creativity for Early Childhood Educators. I’m happy to customize any workshop at your request.

Teacher Workshops (contact me about pricing)  

Creative Drama in the Classroom

Would you like to provide more variety and fun to your existing children’s program? In this hands-on workshop, I demonstrate how to incorporate simple drama techniques into everyday activities. The many elements of drama nurture a child’s imagination and are important for developing lifelong storytelling skills

You’ll also learn some tips on how to plan improvisational activities designed to inspire confidence in children of all ages.

“Great ideas! I’m going to include a drama component in more of my programming!”  Anne, Participant, Durham Regional Child Care Conference

Fun & Funky Ways to Tell a Story

Creating vivid mental images using drama is a wonderful way to enrich listening and reading skills in all children. During this interactive workshop, I share ideas on how to incorporate pantomime, props, and character voices into any story.

You’ll also learn useful tips on how to encourage the future authors in your class. Get ready to inspire your blossoming storytellers. Group time will never be the same again!

“Deb’s Presentation was amazing! I learned some fun & creative techniques for storytelling!”  Cathy, Participant, Region of Waterloo Child Care Conference