Children's Creative

Children’s Creative Workshops are an engaging and entertaining introduction
to the world of drama and suitable for all ages.

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The Art of Pantomime

Pantomime is the silent art of acting. The techniques are easy to learn for all children, as they quickly become amazing mime artists. This important ele-ment of drama allows kids of any age or ability to express their creativity through movement and gestures. Children explore their imaginations and have fun in this popular one-hour workshop.

*One-hour sessions can be easily split into two groups, according to age.

“Deb’s Pantomime is magic! I learned how to tell a story without saying any words.” Sarah, Age 6

Introduction to Storytelling

This 90-minute workshop is designed to give storytelling ideas to your budding young authors! I start by reading one of my original stories, using character voices and sound effects. Children are encouraged to use their imagination and visualize the characters.
Then we’ll discuss the story; Who is your favourite character? What do you think the characters look like? What are your ideas for a new ending? Students will then recreate the story on paper using their own images and simple text.

“Deb’s stories are a wonderfully creative addition to the classroom. Her vivid images engage children and encourage them to use their imagination.” Kathryn, Primary Teacher

Dramagination (created for children with special needs)

This 30-minute workshop has been proven to delight students of all ages and abilities, bringing out the spark in each one. Students will explore their imagination through pantomime techniques, build confidence by perform-ing for their peers, express their creativity through improvisation, laugh and have fun!

“Deb transports kids to a land of imagination and leaves them spellbound.” Nicole, Early Childhood Educator