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My Birthday Surprise

I’m excited to share my newest story! It’s interactive and a lot of fun. But best of all, the character IS your child.  

Kids will love the idea that the story is actually all about their OWN magical adventure!  

You are about to have a birthday adventure you will never forget! Are you ready? 

Amelia, You Are Too Silly

Amelia is a silly, bubbly girl who helps some big people learn how to laugh again!

Max the Bubblegum Kid

This is a story about a boy who can’t stop chewing gum and ends up using that bubblegum to save the town!

Penelope the Dragon Tamer

You will be amazed at Penelope’s bravery as she challenges a ferocious dragon!

The Prince Won’t Eat

Your heart will go out to the little Prince because even though he lives in a huge castle, all he really wants is a friend to play with.

Save with a 2 or 4 pack!

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Play time at the park turns out
to be a day some kids will never forget!

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