In today’s digital age, there’s no shortage of children’s content available to you as a parent, but do you feel safe with everything at their fingertips? You want quality entertainment for your kids, and they deserve it!

My audio stories are a wonderful alternative to screen time and provide a rich storytelling experience for your children. But they’re also beneficial for you! Whether you need to catch up on some work or you just want to relax in the middle of a busy day, I’m here to help!

Rest assured that all my stories are thoroughly “kid tested.” You can feel good about this educational entertainment that will provide hours of listening enjoyment. Each story has a simple underlying message of kindness, written in a lighthearted style that kids enjoy.

“Deb’s Story Time Adventures” are downloadable stories that can be listened to over and over again. The magic of an audio story is that it unfolds inside your child’s imagination. The stories are unique for every child. Check out the “Story Activities” page for more ideas on how to keep your children engaged.

Whether you’re a parent, a grandparent, or you’d simply like to nurture a child’s imagination, this unique gift just keeps on giving!


“We love Deb’s stories! My 3 year old talks along with Deb & cheers during each character’s victory, and my 5 year old likes to draw images from the story while he listens.”
Happy Mom
“I’m thrilled when my kids ask to listen to a “Deb story” rather than watching television! The stories are also great for slow afternoons & rainy days.”
Mother of Three Kids
“Our son struggles with reading. Deb’s stories have helped him become more confident. We are forever grateful.”
Matt & Jen
Sam's Parents