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Deb’s Story Time Adventures

Original audio stories for
imaginative minds

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Stories you can feel good about

Screen free entertainment that will make
you & your kids happy

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Nurture & inspire creativity

Magical stories come to life in your
child’s imagination

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Sharing time together is priceless

Reconnect to your inner child &
create fun memories

Hi I'm Deb

Welcome to “Deb’s Story Time Adventures!”

Fantasy and make-believe all connect to ignite your child’s sense of play and wonder! My original audio stories transport children to a land of imagination. Kids relate to the characters and feel empowered as they listen to the stories and are captivated by the magical sound effects.

I’m trained in Theatre Arts and Early Childhood Education and have been a children’s storyteller for over twenty years. My passion is to create stories that inspire and entertain children. Think of me as your beloved Aunt who comes to visit with stories to tell…. sprinkle in a little magic and you get me!

What Makes My Stories Unique?

Always Fun & Educational

Children learn when they’re having fun. Audio stories help to develop proper listening skills, which are critical for all aspects of learning.

Ultimate Creative Experience

Your child’s imagination is always engaged, visualizing the characters, and setting. Realistic sound effects bring the stories to life.

Screen Free Entertainment

Relax and trust that your kids are being entertained with stories that will keep them spellbound for hours!

Teaches Kindness & Compassion

Children empathise with characters as they recognize their own feelings more clearly.

Encourages the Joy of Reading

Listening to audio stories is one of the best ways to prepare your child for the many stages of reading success.

Questions Keep Kids Involved

After every story I speak directly to your child with key questions. Suggested activities will keep the fun going!

Penelope the Dragon

Enter the enchanting world of “Penelope the Dragon Tamer.”

My Magical Birthday

An interactive audio story featuring your child as the main character.

Deb’s Story Time Adventures

Engaging audio stories kids will listen to repeatedly.


"My daughters absolutely love listening to Deb’s stories. Long car rides are so much more fun. Can’t wait for new stories!”
Mother of two
“I feel good about my kids listening to Deb’s stories! Our favourite story time is while I’m making dinner. Thanks Deb!”
Happy Dad
“Deb’s stories make me feel happy inside!”
Age 5