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Music and sound effects bring characters to life in this entertaining collection of stories that transport children to a land of imagination.

Deb's Story Time Adventures

Max the Bubblegum Kid

Discover how Max, a shy boy who just wants to chew bubblegum and ride his skateboard, suddenly finds himself helping out with an emergency in town!

Amelia, You Are Too Silly

Join Amelia, a cheerful girl, who dreams of being a clown one day. You won’t believe what happens when she unexpectedly turns a soapy mess into a fun time and brings happiness back into some people’s lives.

The Prince Won’t Eat

The little Prince lives in a fancy castle full of toys, but why is he so sad? Listen as the staff of the castle do everything to try to please the Prince. You might be surprised when you learn the one thing that finally makes him happy.

Up, Up & Away

Wait till you hear what happens when some friends gather for their get together at the park! Play time becomes a balloon blowing contest and a wild, windy day they’ll never forget!


My Magical Birthday Surprise

Get ready for your very own exciting journey, because the character in this story is YOU! Imagine it’s the morning of your birthday. Follow clues to a strange and magical land and have fun acting out this unique story.


Penelope the Dragon Tamer

Penelope the Dragon
Tamer- Part 1

Can you imagine living in a town with a mysterious dragon lurking nearby? Join Penelope in this enchanting story, as she bravely faces her fear and confronts a huge, ferocious dragon!


Vanished! - Part 2

Follow Penelope as she ventures back up the mountain to the dragon’s cave, only to find that he’s gone! Clues along a path lead her to a dark forest as the mystery begins to unfold & Penelope shows her true bravery.


The Dark Forest - Part 3

Step into the dark forest with Penelope & Herbert the dragon as they meet some interesting animals that live there. Herbert is startled by a tiny wood mouse & as it turns out, they both learn an important lesson.


Listen to a clip from "Up, Up & Away!"

Play time at the park turns out
to be a day some kids will never forget!

Children’s Personalized Story

Please email if you are interested in having me create your child’s very own audio story, complete with sound effects & music. This is also a unique birthday gift that any child would love!

“We’re so glad we had Deb create Maddie’s own special story. It’s such a delight to watch her giggle & beam every time she listens!”
Proud Grandparents