Workshops are a great way to facilitate team building as well as encourage creativity for Early Childhood Educators. Have a look at the workshops being offered in 2020 to see what is a good fit for you and your organization.

Educational Workshop Topics:

Creative Drama for Kids:

  • Would you like to provide more variety and fun to your existing children’s program? In this hands-on Workshop, I will show you how to incorporate simple drama elements into everyday activities. Using drama techniques will help to nurture a child’s imagination and encourage storytelling skills at a young age.
  • You’ll also learn some tips on how to plan improvisational activities designed to inspire confidence in children of all ages. Kids will be delighted as they express themselves through the many exciting forms of drama.

How to Tell a Story So Kids Will Listen:

  • Creating vivid mental images using drama is a wonderful way to improve reading skills for children. During this interactive Workshop, I will share ideas on how to incorporate pantomime, props and character voices into any story.
  • You will also learn useful tips on how to encourage future authors in your class. Get ready to inspire your little storytellers. Group time will never be the same again!

“Deb’s presentation was wonderful; I will never forget those hilarious stories. Time went by far too quickly!” 
~ Participant, Region of Waterloo Child Care Conference

Student’s Creative Workshops: 

Pantomime Workshop-for Children of All Ages:

  • Pantomime is the silent art of acting. The techniques are easy to learn and very entertaining for all children. This important element of drama allows children of any age or ability to express their creativity through movement and gestures. There’s never a dull moment as I keep kids engaged with my humorous antics and sound effects. Children explore their imaginations and have fun in this popular Workshop. 
    • *This one hour session can be easily split into two groups according to age.

Imagination Workshop-for School Age Children:

  • In this workshop I share an original story using character voices and sound effects. Children are encouraged to use their imagination and visualize the characters. Next, there is a discussion about the story. For example: What do you think the characters look like and can you describe them? Who is your favourite character and why? Can you make up a new ending? 
  • Then, the students will recall the story and recreate it on a storyboard using their own images and text.
    • * 60 minutes (storyboards included)

DRAMAGINATION! (Specifically Designed for Students with Special Needs)

  • The 30-minute workshop has been proven to delight students of all ages and abilities, bringing out the spark in each one. Students will explore their imagination through pantomime techniques, build confidence by performing for their peers, express their creativity through improvisation as well as laugh and have fun!

“Deb transports kids to a land of imagination and leaves them spellbound!”  Nicole, Early Childhood Educator

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