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There are a variety of topics I cover in my lectures.  I share stories about getting old, being a mother and wife and why you should smile.

{Laugh More}

{Getting Old Doesn’t Have to Suck}

stories about getting old, great for seniors groups – maybe even have another one targetting menopausal women

{Mama Loyd Wisdom}
I step into the persona of my witty and wild Texan mother- in-law, Dora Buellah Weatherby Loyd, and share some of her time-tested wisdom.

{You’ve Misplaced Your Yin, Now Where’s Your Yang?}
stories about coping with stress and chaos through humour

{Why is it so easy to make a baby but so hard to raise one?}
stories about parenthood – that title might be o ensive to people who struggle to conceive so need a new one


{Love More}

{I ♥ Your Smile}
Listen to stories of connection and joy, then spread the love with I Love Your Smile buttons.


{With Special Guest, Jimmy Loyd}

Responding to audience demand to meet the man behind many of my funniest stories, my husband and I have teamed up for this show. Finally he gets his chance to tell stories about me – uh oh!

{Mama Love}
stories of a mama who loved her only “boy child” with all her heart, AKA stories about me and my son, Wyatt