1 Creative Drama

Would you like to provide more variety and fun to your existing children’s program? In this hands-on FUNshop, I will show you how to incorporate simple drama elements into everyday activities. Using drama techniques nurtures a young child’s imagination! Ideas for helping children with special needs explore their creative talents will also be shared.

2 The Art of Storytelling

Creating vivid mental images through the use of drama is a wonderful way to improve reading skills for children. During this interactive FUNshop, I will share ideas on how to incorporate pantomime, props and character voices into any story. Group time will never be the same again! You will also learn useful tips on how to encourage young children to become great storytellers.


3 SHINE your Creativity!

Improvisation is the key to unlocking your inhibitions and nurturing your creativity. This FUNshop will help you discover the lighter side of your personality and reconnect with your inner child. Come prepared to use your imagination, have fun and learn how to be more spontaneous. The children in your life will be thrilled to see your silly side. And so will you!

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