Hi, I’m Deb and I am so glad you are here!

I am a children’s storyteller, education expert and speaker. My greatest joy is to receive positive feedback from happy kids and their parents, who have listened to my audio stories!  Think of me as your beloved Aunt who comes to visit with stories to tell…. sprinkle in a little magic and you get me, Deb.

I’m kind of your trusty guide to inspiring, entertaining and educating children with the magic of storytelling.

And let me tell you, I have been passionate about my work for a long time!

With a trained background in Theatre Arts and Early Childhood, I’ve specialized in education and entertainment for over twenty years. I founded “Enlighten Up,” a series of workshops which has enabled me to travel far and wide giving keynote presentations and educational talks, working with large organizations as well as teachers and parents.

In recent years, I’ve also been honoured to publish a collection of children’s audio-books called, “Deb’s Story Time Adventures” that taps into the wonder of imagination in all children! Kids relate to the characters and feel empowered as they listen to my stories and are often spellbound, to the delight of their parents!

 Want to build a better future for your children?
Interested in some new teaching tools!

My purpose in creating “Deb’s Story Time Adventures” is to support and arm parents as well as teachers with practical tools and resources they can use to educate the next generation of children AND to take a light-hearted approach to educating, entertaining and inspiring the children and youth of tomorrow.

Today, the way our children learn is beginning to look a lot different. With technology and social media advancing at such a rapid pace, it is an empowering time for us. Sadly though there are dangers and mental health issues that can stem from a mis-use of technology and social media, that we need to be mindful of.

 I use my expertise and platform to shine a light on this and to offer alternative, safe methods for you to support and nourish the growth and development of your child or students.