Personal Development FUNshop Options

2016-05-05 10.11.341 Humour in the Workplace

It is a proven fact that laughter is essential to a happy and productive work environment! In this FUNshop, I will share stories that demonstrate the value of humour and will provide simple tips on how to respond to daily interactions at your workplace in a light-hearted way.

2 Attitude is Everything!

In this entertaining FUNshop, I will share stories and simple tips on how a shift in 2016-05-05 10.11.36attitude can change how we feel about our relationships, our professions and especially ourselves! We can choose to have a positive attitude TODAY and experience life to the fullest!

3 Understanding Personality Dynamics

Do you work with a colleague who talks endlessly about life’s challenges while you prefer to keep your personal problems to yourself?
This is just one example from the world of diversity! This FUNshop helps participants learn to understand and appreciate all of our differences.


4 Body Language in the Workplace

When your words say “yes,” your body may be saying something very different. In this FUNshop, you will learn about body language and its meaning, gain perspective on your own non- verbal communication patterns and become more aware of signals your co-workers are sending you.