Speaker presentations are great for a variety of Events and Conferences which can be customized for a professional audience.

Keynote Workshops (with optional follow-up workshops)

The Power of Imagination & Re-discovering Your Inner Child

  • As adults, we must encourage children to explore their creativity in everything they do. We are the models for our children, but we can easily get caught up in our daily responsibilities and routines – losing touch with the magic of our inner child. 
  • Are you ready to embrace your inner creativity? Deb will share some important research she discovered as a children’s storyteller, that will re-inspire you! This presentation will help you redefine the meaning of play. Get ready to rediscover the child hidden within you!

Seven Practical ways to Achieve a Happy, Balanced Life

  • This inspiring presentation overviews some of my most popular stories to illustrate seven practical ways to achieve a happy, balanced life. You will learn how to live with more joy and simplicity in the midst of a chaotic world. 
  • If you are ready to make a POSITIVE CHANGE in your life and are looking for practical ways to do it, you won’t want to miss this uplifting and educational presentation.

How to De-stress and Raise Your Energetic Vibration:                                                

  • When was the last time you had a really good belly laugh?
  • If you can’t remember, it’s been too long! Children laugh at least 300 times a day. Why should they have all the fun? It’s a proven medical fact that having a good sense of humour actually reduces the negative effects of stress.
  • During this keynote presentation, I share some stories and take-home tips on how to lighten up and enjoy every moment of life. You will leave this talk feeling light-hearted and happier!

The Benefits of Minimalism: Re-Imagine & Simplify Your Life! 

  • It all started with a vision for the future. Before I knew it, my husband and I decided to radically change our life and lifestyle. We were downsizing, donating and ready to sell the house. It was time to completely simplify our lives, get out of debt and discover the freedom we’d always been longing for. 
  • What if you re-imagined your life? It doesn’t matter how old you are; the time is now! 
  • In this presentation, I detail the benefits of minimalism, simplifying your life and taking the first steps to clear the clutter and make space for the life of your dreams.

“Deb connected with my staff and inspired great ideas for making positive changes.”

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