Keynotes and Workshops


I love to make people laugh.    Everywhere I go.    It’s that simple.2016-05-05 10.11.23

Whether I’m up on stage doing a keynote presentation, at the grocery store with strangers or entertaining friends at home, I tell stories with passion and humour!

My stories are all about life’s funny and touching “a ha” moments. I would be delighted to share some with you.



My 30 minute – 1 hour presentations are on a variety of humourous yet enlightening topics and always customized for each audience.

You Misplaced your “Yin”……Now Where’s Your “Yang?”

During this inspirational presentation, I’ll use some of my best stories to illustrate seven practical ways to achieve a happy, balanced life. You will learn how to live with more joy and simplicity in the midst of a chaotic world. If you are ready to make a POSITIVE CHANGE in your life, you won’t want to miss this!


Watch Deb in Action!


Laugh Out Loud, Life’s Too Short!

When was the last time you had a really good belly laugh?

If you can’t remember – it’s been too long! Children laugh at least three hundred times a day. Why should they have all the fun? It’s a proven medical fact that having a good sense of humour actually reduces the negative effects of stress.

During this keynote presentation, I will share some stories and take home tips on how to lighten up and enjoy every moment of life! You will leave this talk feeling lighter and happier!

Re-Imagine & Simplify Your Life!

It all started with a vision for the future……Before we knew it Jim and I were downsizing, donating and ready to sell our house. It was time to get out of debt and discover the freedom we’d been longing for!

What if you re-imagined your life? It doesn’t matter how old you are. The time is now! I can’t wait to tell you about our crazy journey and what to expect if you dare to take on the adventure of a lifetime! Freedom baby, yeah!

What Deb’s Customers Are Saying About Her Keynotes:

“Deb’s presentation was wonderful! I will never forget those hilarious stories! Time went by far too quickly!”   Participant, Region of Waterloo Child Care Conference


Educational Keynote:       Imagination as Wide as the Sky!

As adults we must encourage children to explore their creativity in everything they do. Imagine the possibilities when a child’s imagination is nurtured from a young age. We are the models for children. Are you ready to embrace your inner creativity? This important presentation will help you redefine the meaning of play and rediscover the child hidden within you!

Workshop for Students


Pantomime is an important element of drama and allows children to express their creativity through movement and gestures. Children explore their imaginations and have fun in this popular workshop.

Dramagination! (especially designed for special needs students of any age)

This 30-minute workshop has been proven to delight students of all ages and abilities, bringing out the spark in each one! Students will: explore their imagination through pantomime techniques, build confidence by performing for their peers, express their creativity through improvisation, and LAUGH & HAVE FUN!