For Parents

“My daughter absolutely loves Deb’s stories. I play them in the car instead of the radio. She quickly settles into her car seat so I will start the CD. Can’t wait for more stories!”   Andrea, Mother of Two Kids 


As a children’s educator and storyteller I am delighted to share my audio stories with you and your children! I’m kind of like your virtual “Aunt Deb!”
Stories nurture a child’s imagination and are an important element of early childhood development. You can feel good about this educational entertainment that will provide countless hours of listening enjoyment as well as encourage your child to be excited about the joy of reading!

“Deb’s Story Time Adventures” are downloadable stories that can be listened to over and over again. The magic of an audio story is that it unfolds right inside your child’s imagination. This allows for an ultimate creative experience and the stories are unique for every child.
To download a story from “Deb’s Story Time Adventures” please click here.

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